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Terms and Conditions

Last Updated 06 March 2018.

By accessing the Website, Mobile App or Services promoted within it, you agree to be bound by the Terms & Conditions listed below.


We can change terms & conditions at any time without giving you any notice. Always refer to this page for up to date terms & conditions.

2.Time Zone

All time on our website & apps is in GMT.


You must be 18+ to use website and app.

Your account will be banned if you have entered incorrect age.


Registration if free.

Your display name can be any name provided it's not offensive. 

Any attempt to create fake or duplicate accounts will result in account ban.


  1. Registration is free.
  2. First Test is free.
  3. You can purchase additional Tests. Cost of each test is mentioned on the tests.

6.Leader board

  • Leader board lists the users in the order of the highest PASS %.

7.Questions & Answers

We take great care in correctness of questions and answers however we can't be held responsible for any incorrectness. If you find any mistake or errors in any question/answer then let us know from contact us page.

8.Account Termination

Your account can be terminated if you violate our terms. There will be no refund on account termination. Below are some of the situations when your account can be terminated

  • Trying to manipulate the system for gaining higher ranking on leaderboard by using bot or any other means
  • Spamming or security breach
  • Abusive behaviour
  • Fraudulent purchases
  • Chargeback

9.Account Deletion

If you wish to delete account then let us know from contact us page. The deletion is irrevocable. All your details including earnings will be removed and can't be recovered once your account is deleted. You can't claim earnings or prize money once account is deleted.